Hello soccer fanatic,

You might have already heard it: Avolution Soccerschool is the place to be when it comes to working on your technical soccer skills where in a fun and efficient way. Through this website you can enroll for our classes. In case of a waiting list, the order of registration will be decide.

The training venue is the sporting grounds of Afnorth at the Kranenpool in Brunssum. Easily accessible and with plenty of parking space these grounds are equipped with showers and hangar, where the parents can enjoy free coffee or tea during the classes. Or even maybe exercise themselves on the adjacent athletic courts.  

At Avolution the love for the game and the joy of playing are key ingredients, but that doesn’t mean in no way that the players are not stimulated to push themselves!

One of the main focus points during the training sessions is improving the basic techniques. The qualified and experienced trainers also work on the endurance and tactical abilities of each individual player. In the modern and ever faster game it is this total package of skill and fitness that creates success on the pitch.

Although repetition and practice make perfect this doesn’t mean you have to do the same boring thing over and over again. At Avolution we use a wide variety of exercises through which we practice techniques without becoming a dull routine. And during the game-session we often “freeze” a situation to explain the different options one can choose from during a game.  

One of the aspects that makes Avolution unique is that we evaluate each and every player based on his technical and tactical abilities, his endurance and personality. And this is a continuous process. By doing so each player (and his/ her parents) knows where improvements are made and where further focus points lay. 

For only € 25.00 per month ( siblings 50% rebate, 3th child for free! ) you are more than welcome to join us every Sunday morning for 90 minutes of training with our professional trainings staff. Membership also includes extracurricular activities outside of the soccer school, which are financed through sponsors and subsidies. In the upcoming season we will also invite special guest-trainers. 

Registration-fee for new members is € 5,00

The Avolution Soccerschool is an independent school and not affiliated to any club. 

Looking forward to see you soon!


The Avolution trainer staff

At the Avolution Soccer school you’ll be trained by outstanding, experienced qualified trainers, who are specialized in working with young talents.

Trainer qualifications: Diploma JVBL + JVT

Soccer experience:
Talent scout for professional clubs like Fortuna Sittard
14 years’ experience as youth trainer BSV Limburgia
2 years trainer RKDFC (of which 1 year as championship coach of the women’s team)
2 years women’s team of SV Langeberg

Developing the soccer skills of young players is one of the main drivers of Hub. But above all he wants to cultivate the love for the game. He is one of the drvingforces behind Avolution and his main goal is to make soccer the favorite pastime of each and every child that enters the school.

Ron has over 10 years’ experience as trainer of several youth teams at VV De Leeuw. During that time he was also longtime youth leader for the same club.  

At Avolution his drive is to see children develop into complete players, who can add value within their own teams.

Frank started playing soccer in the Netherlands at VV Caesar in Beek, where he played until the A-youth. Several injuries made sure that senior soccer was not an option after that, but the love for the game never left him. And so he started training youth teams.

Since 2018 he is a qualified trainer with a DFB Trainer C License with a specialization Youth.
As trainer he coached mini F-, F-, E-youth as well as co-training a senior team.

Besides his work for Avolution he is head coach of the A youth of SV Langeberg.

Fabio started playing soccer in Belgium when he was 7 years old at Lanklaar-Dilsen. After moving to the Netherlands he played at Voerendaal. After his youth career he played at senior level for Klimmania, RKHBS, Minor and RKDFC.

Besides that he was an active futsal player for Meyers Geleen (currently FSG) Adveo and De Keelkampers (major-league).

With the latter he was also trainer of the B-youth and member of the board.

As trainer he worked at SVN as mini F and the F1 team. Since April 2015 he is a qualified KNVB youth trainer.

Ron is a seasoned youth trainer, who has numerous years of experience under his belt as coach of several teams at BSV-Limburgia.

Ron is a driven and qualified coach, who is perfect for Avolution Soccer School.  

Bastian has years of experience as youth- and senior player. As youth player he played i.e. for
FC 06 Rurdorf, Jülich 1910, Germania Teveren, but also Borussia Mönchengladbach and Roda JC Kerkrade.

As senior he was active at Germania Teveren, JV 07 Floßdorf, Rasensport Tetz and FC 06 Rurdorf e.v

Since 2017 he is coach of the F youth of FC Union Schafhausen 1910 e.v. Since 2018 he has his
DFB C-trainers license specialization Youth.

The Avolution Soccer School is always looking for new additions to our staff!
If you want to be part of our Avolution Soccer School, please contact us!
Ron Bloebaum, ronavo@avolution.nl


To get an impression of how our training looks like, you can view our photo album
Avolution Voetbalschool
Indoor Training 10-02-2019
Avolution Voetbalschool
Indoor Training 03-02-2019
Avolution Voetbalschool
Indoor Training 27-01-2019 (2)
Avolution Voetbalschool
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If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Contact person: Ron Bloebaum 
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Accommodation Avolution:
Sporting grounds “AFNORTH” at the “Flevolandstraat” in Brunssum.
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Training times:
Sunday morning from 10 AM until 11.30 AM (gathering at 9:45 AM) 

Dogs are only allowed on a leash. Glass is prohibited 
Instructions of the Avolution organization are to be followed at all times.
Participation is at own risk!
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